4.2 Product Lifecycle Management

What is it?

The lifecycle of IT hardware spans the procurement, operational and decommissioning phases. For every phase, criteria are used to make the right decision to ensure or improve data center airflows and reduce energy consumption of IT.

Why should you care?

The lifecycle of assets has three stages:

  1. Procure: the process to understand what you need, to procure the asset, to have it delivered and registered in the asset management process, and to configure it to an operational state
  2. Operate: the operational state of the asset; this is typically a period equal to the depreciation period of the asset
  3. Decommission: how do you decommission the asset

Energy usage should be part of deciding what to buy, how to operate it and when to decommission it. Money is easily saved by making decisions based on energy consumption and adding energy cost to the TCO calculation.

How does it relate to the other items in the model?

Primarily the second quadrant focuses on the efficiency of installed assets and the age of the devices, related to their contribution to the capacity and the energy consumed, plays an important role in the scoring.